Heat Press Guide: How to Choose the Right One

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You may have noticed that t-shirt businesses are starting up almost everywhere around the world. People have begun taking notice of the demand for customized and creative t-shirts, and many have now started to consider opening their own company.

The business is quite profitable, which is why many entrepreneurs are willing to invest long term to get the right equipment for their startup.

If you are looking to earn a side buck, it might be a good idea for you to choose transfer paper as a means of getting your job done. However, if you want to grow your business and provide quality products to your customers, it would be a good idea for you to invest in a heat press. Going over the iron transfer method, there are a few things you need to know.

Firstly, the transfer will take a long time as you will need to make sure that the entire image has been printed correctly. Secondly, you will need to invest in a transfer paper, print the picture on it, and then start your transfer process. Third, the quality will not be as high as the picture will last only a few washes and it mostly likely won’t be machine-washable.

A heat press mostly works as the opposite of a transfer paper. Not only will you be able to achieve the outcome faster, but the results will also be of great quality. You will be able to duplicate the image and its colors better. And best of all, it will last for more wash cycles.

Reasons to invest in a heat press

If the fact that a heat press is the easiest method of transferring images onto T-shirts isn’t enough, we can give you an entire list of why you should be using a heat press instead of iron transfer.

Though both methods are great, there are a few key advantages available with a heat press. These include:

  • It has the ability to transfer faster – you will only need to press the machine once to transfer the image.
  • It allows you to transfer more in a limited period – as the process is faster, you can easily transfer more pictures in less time.
  • It’s a long-term investment – a high-quality heat press is guaranteed to last you a few years and will give you the desired outcome every single time. Hence, you will not need to worry about getting a new one anytime soon.
  • The outcome is better – the images transferred will look better than done from any other way. The colors will be more accurate, and it will look realistic. The product will also last more washes.
  • You do not need to spend too much to get an excellent machine – even on a limited budget, you will be able to find a great machine that will do as good a job as the expensive one.

Now that you know the advantages of using a heat press instead of an iron transfer, let’s move on.

Types of Heat Press

There are a lot of different kinds of heat presses available in the market, but two of those types are used the most in the printing business: the clamshell and the swinger press. Though these designs are highly popular, they are quite enormous and will require a lot of space.


The top part of this machine will lift in a vertical direction. The top will not take up too much space, so you do not need to worry about that. It does the job faster and is reasonably cheaper.


The machine comes with an open mechanism. The top will open and swing to the side, taking up more space. However, the machine will provide more pressure and will be able to complete more products in one go.

The job that you need the heat press for will determine the type that you will need to buy.

How to choose the right heat press

Before the purchase of a heat press, you need to jot down some things that you should take into consideration before making your purchase. These factors will play an important role when you are evaluating a product.

Though it may seem overwhelming with the number of machines available with the seller, it can be easy when you know what you are looking for and what you need to look for are:


A big heat press will be better than a smaller one as it will allow you to work on a variety of sizes. This, in turn, will help you widen your customer base.

Another good part about having a big heat press is that you will be able to fill more space on the t-shirt, which will allow you to offer a wider range of products.

Do keep in mind that a large heat press will allow you to use the method on different items. Customization will also be easier, which is what a lot of people are looking for these days. The wider the product range, the better, and you will be able to explore other products as well.

One thing that you will have to be careful about is the space the heat press will take. Be sure that you have enough room in your work area to easily accommodate the heat press. Check the dimensions before purchasing to compare the sizes better.

One size recommended for a heat press is 15×15. This size will allow you to perform some tasks and is lighter than most products, allowing for easy transfer.


We will not go into too much detail about the kind as it has already been mentioned above. The job that you need to get done and the space you have available will determine the type of heat press you will require.


Many manufacturers are offering great heat presses at reasonable prices. You will, however, need to be careful about which brand you are willing to buy. A reliable one will go a long way.

A well-known name will need to be careful about its image. Hence, it will ensure that it offers the best product. Plus, it will provide an ideal warranty with its products.

Do a little research and look for the most recommended brand that has been on the market for ages. That is the brand you should consider buying.