Learning To Use Your Scraps

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Learning to use the scraps that you have when making your garments can be kind of odd thing to do. Most people are used to throwing away their extra scraps and feeling that they’re useless. However, one of the more important things to learn in life is to never be wasteful.

This thought process can be applied to garment scraps.

Garment scraps are one of my favorite things to repurpose in life. I’ve been able to make some very beautiful creations I’ve been able to gifted people around the holidays.

Typically able to repurpose them by either using a combination of sewing and heat pressing or simply by heat pressing.

I typically only have to sew the materials whenever I’m going to be making a larger items such as a. By nature, quilts are very large items. And by nature, quilts also made by joining together many materials.So naturally I’m going to have to sew them. After I’m done selling them that’s when I post on my heat press machine and make sure that I take some old scraps that I have, cut them up into designs, and then he press them onto the quilt.

I’ve been able to make some really cool things doing this. It’s actually also super easy to heat press scraps onto other material. You’re going to need a great heat press machine in order to do this, but that’s easy to buy since they’re readily available online.

In fact, it’s kind of stupid if you are able to use your scraps with their heat press machine. I need to do so the heat press machine to at least 300° and then it will be able to transfer heat. If you do less than 300° there is a chance that the garments may not stick together.

When making a quilt, you’re going to need a lot of scraps. So I generally save all my scraps from all the garments that I make and then pull them into a basket. After couple of months I’ve plenty of scraps available in order to make it quilt. Luckily for me this always falls around someone for their holiday so it works out.